Overview of the course

AS/A2 Psychology is designed for students who are interested in the field of psychology and becoming a psychologist. If you have ever wondered Why do we forget? or Why are some people more aggressive than others? or How does our brain work? then you have asked some of the questions that psychologists ask. Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. Psychologists attempt to describe how people behave and explain why. Studying this subject enables you to think about the explanations that psychologists have put forward to explain certain behaviours. You will consider the criticisms of this research and how thinking has changed over time. Some of the topics covered in this course may raise issues that could become personally distressing to some individuals, e.g. explanations of eating disorders; treatment of mental disorders; and the use of animals in experiments.


After completing the programme, successful candidates may progress onto multiple courses at University, as well as various employment opportunities within the industry.

Key info

Most courses are two years long unless otherwise stated.

  QiW Code: C00/0723/7

  Language: En

  Qualification: A Level

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